The Emerging Expert Launchpad

How to uncover your unique offering, package it up and sell  £1000-£1500+ programmes with ease

Offer your services in a way that serves your clients more deeply, gets better results and earns you more without compromising your values or working yourself into the ground

Module 1

Step 1

A framework that forms the bedrock of your message and marketing
so that you can design a practice tailored for you and your clients and be able to adapt this to all your future offerings. A framework you can always fall back on

Module 2

Step 1

Get clarity of your message

Knowing who you love to serve and what you help them with means your unique message will shine out and the clients who need you most will resonate with this

Module 3

Step 1

Design your package or packages

You’ll have an offering that moves you away from valuing yourself just by the time you spend with clients. This is a major shift in how to work with clients that allows flexibility and freedom to offer everything that will give your clients what they need the most

Module 4

Step 1

Get confident in presenting your offer

I’ll give you a tool that helps you present your packages so that your perfect clients understand the true value (and so will you!)

Module 5

Step 1

Determine the best price for your offering

Set prices you are comfortable with that get you paid well for what you do and give your clients enormous value

Module 6

Step 1

Master ethical sales

Learn how to run a sales conversation in a way that feels good to you and your client and both of you will leave the conversation feeling better than you did before

Bonus 1

Step 1

Magical Tools For Powerful Decision-Making 

A stand-alone training to introduce you to some powerful and fun tools to strengthen your decision making around your big choices.

Who doesn’t need a bit of extra help with setting prices or choosing between alternatives?

In this magical session you will be learning how to apply tools like muscle testing, using the pendulum and others in your own business.

Bonus 2

Step 1


Introducing a powerful approach to finding and banishing your money and  success gremlins

As we start to get back in touch with our uniqueness and create something amazing - that's when the gremlins pop  up, isn't it?

In this session I teach an approach to busting those beliefs that I use almost every day.  Enormously powerful, it will dissolve those blocks keeping you from serving those who need you most


About Your Mentor/Trainer

Cathy Simmons

Helping healers, coaches and transformation professionals create extraordinary offerings that multiply their impact and income, whilst banishing the gremlins that keep them small.

A specialist therapist for many years, Cathy now helps transformation professionals to take their inspiring ideas and craft them into a business that makes their heart sing - and helps more people.

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