A Special Invitation

To: All therapists, coaches, healers and trainers  who want 2019 to be the year you embrace your uniqueness to create something new and wonderful in a practice you love.

From: Cathy Simmons, Chief Inspirer at The Therapy Business Academy

How to uncover your unique offering, package it, price it, present it and sell it with ease

and offer your services in a way that serves more deeply, gets better results and earns you more without compromising your values or working yourself into the ground

How to work only with clients you love and serve more deeply by stepping into your uniqueness and becoming a specialist

  • 1.

    Is it time to stop helping everyone with everything and become a specialist doing what you love most?

  • 2.

    Package and deliver your services in a way that transforms your own business as well as your clients’ lives?

  • 3.

    Create and sell your first speciality package to the client you dream of working with, at a level that truly represents the amazing value you are giving, and yet feels perfectly comfortable to you both?

Of course, your first motivation is to make a difference in the world, but I know what it’s like to lose the joy. There may be some clients you love working with, but with others you feel somewhat less enthusiastic, and it can be pretty draining, can’t it?

On top of that, when you are trying to help everyone with everything they bring you, you can end up having to see so many clients to make it work financially, it can be exhausting.

Either that or the uncertainty of client numbers can cause that feeling of panic sometimes, ever get that?

And if you are selling your services by the hour or in blocks of sessions, it can be hard work, especially having to have that ‘money conversation’ so often with clients and even when you’re not earning as much as you’d like, it doesn’t always feel comfortable asking for more. I wonder if you’ve ever felt it was a bit ‘icky’?

You may have toyed with the idea of specialising, or even already know something you’d love to specialise in and don’t know exactly how to do it, and there’s always that nagging doubt that you could be cutting off your client supply or even getting stuck in one niche forever.

Or maybe you love the idea and aren’t quite sure what your ‘thing’ would be – what if you get it wrong? Will you be stuck with it?

And then, how on earth do you work out how to package your services or even begin to set the right price?
All very normal thoughts and fears, and so often these leave us at a loss as to how to move on and sometimes it just feels easier not to.

Just imagine if this were completely sorted 

.. and you got back to LOVING your work, only working with clients who fire you up and you love to serve.

What would it be like to have fewer clients for more money, and feel energised again, feeding your own soul while giving you the ability to go deeper with your clients?

You’ll find that when you truly step into your ‘expertness’ you can’t wait to get your offering out there. Bring the excitement back into your business and reconnect with the joy of serving clients.

And the icing on the cake? Well, a fantastic by-product of having a clear message is a far better marketing impact and you’ll find the doors of opportunity opening for other streams of income too, sometimes without even having to show up – all within a field you love.

Imagine having complete clarity of who you serve and how you offer your services, knowing you’ll be getting the biggest impact for the clients you love to work with.

Wouldn't it be great to present and sell your packages easily, without compromising your values and even those money conversations leaving both you and your clients feeling better afterwards

And if you could finally banish those gremlins– you know, those pesky blocks to success that pop up when you are on the road to your succeeding, imagine where that could take you.

I want you to look back at 2019 as the year you transformed your practice, took it to the next amazing level and fell back in love with your work - good eh?

Burned Out

I speak with so many therapists, coaches and healers who are burned out with the long hours or are living with the constant uncertainty of fluctuating client numbers and living from day to day.

They’ve lost the joy of serving clients and It’s no way to live. It breaks my heart to see such excellent therapists finally closing their practice because they’ve had enough.

My name is Cathy Simmons, and I help therapists, healers, coaches and passion-led businesses who want to make a difference in the world, to transform their practice and step into their unique gifts in a powerful way.

I’m perfect for this because I know what it’s like to run a specialist practice and am all too familiar with the struggles of being a generalist, having pulled myself out of this into becoming well-known in my field.

Now I love helping therapists, coaches and trainers make that transition themselves. 

I can help you package, price, present and sell your specialist services

in a way that will have you excited again about your practice 

and itching to get yourself out there and help more people.

Some Background

After training with the amazing Quest Institute as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist 12 years ago, I’ve been a therapist and trainer in my own specialist area of smoking cessation and other drug use.
And for a number of years, I’ve also had the privilege of working with therapists, coaches, healers and trainers, helping them step into their uniqueness, own their specialities and shine in the areas that they love.

I am a qualified supervisor and served on the board of the National Council for Hypnotherapy in the positions of Director of Supervision and Director of Ethics.

I am also a contributing author of ‘The Hypnotherapy Handbook’




A combination of online training and my personal 1-1 support ensures you get everything you need in this comprehensive  programme.

Designed to transform and up-level your practice, leaving you working only with the clients you love, and more time and energy (and money) for your own life

  • 1.

    Learn a framework that forms the bedrock of your message and your marketing
    so that you can design a practice tailored for you and your clients and be able to adapt this to all your future offerings. A framework you can always fall back on.

  • 2.

    Get clarity of your message
    Knowing who you love to serve and what you help them with means your unique message will shine out and the clients who need you most will resonate with this

  • 3.

    Design your package or packages
    You’ll have an offering that moves you away from valuing yourself just by the time you spend with clients. This is a major shift in how to work with clients that allows flexibility and freedom to offer everything that will give your clients what they need the most

  • 4.

    Get confident in presenting your offer
    I’ll give you a tool that helps you present your packages so that your perfect clients understand the true value (and so will you!)

  • 5.

    Determine the best price for your offering
    Set prices you are comfortable with that get you paid well for what you do and give your clients enormous value

  • 6.

    Master ethical sales
    Learn how to run a sales conversation in a way that feels good to you and your client and both of you will leave the conversation feeling better than you did before

  • 7.

    Bust the gremlins
    Learn powerful techniques to zap those blocks to your success - and yes, we all have them and so this part is super important. You'd be surprised how much difference this section makes

  • 8.

    You will have everything you need to sell your first package and easily get your investment back
    while you are still on the programme. Many people have got their investment back multiple times, even before finishing!


  • 1.

    Running over 2-3 months
    so that we can keep momentum, whilst allowing enough time to implement – action without the overwhelm

  • 2.

    You’ll get core trainings in videos and worksheets;
    A guided and planned sequence of worksheets that will have you building your vision at an easy pace. Bite-sized chunks will have you seeing your vision getting closer with every week

  • 3.

    Individual 1-1 sessions with me
    We will have personal 1-1 sessions over Zoom as you go through the programme so you know you are not alone. I'm here to support you

  • 4.

    Insider Facebook group
    You are not alone. Within our group of like-minded people-helpers, we share and support each other and every one of us is lifted. Who is it who said “The best learning is not solo – it’s social”?

PLUS - There are EXTRAS!


Bonus Training 01: Magical Tools For Powerful Decision-Making

A stand-alone training to introduce you to some powerful and fun tools to strengthen your decision making around your big choices.

Who doesn’t need a bit of extra help with setting prices or choosing between alternatives?

In this magical session you will be learning how to apply tools like muscle testing, using the pendulum and others in your own business.

Why should we keep all the good stuff just for our clients?

I will be running this as a paid-for training in 2019, so I’m over the moon to be able to gift this to you, as a member of the Emerging Expert Launchpad as a special bonus 

Bonus Training 02: Gremlin-Busting 

Introducing a powerful approach to finding and banishing your money and  success gremlins

As we start to get back in touch with our uniqueness and create something amazing - that's when the gremlins pop up, isn't it.
You know

  • "Who do I think I am to be offering this?"
  • "No-one will buy",
  • "Who am I to specialise?",
  • "I shouldn't charge for helping people"
  • "I'm not good enough"

Sound familiar?

In this session I teach an approach to busting those beliefs that I use almost every day.  Enormously powerful, it will dissolve those blocks keeping you from serving those who need you most 

We will remove the blocks keeping you from success in practice

In the last Emerging Expert Launchpad, this one bonus alone is the one that everyone said made the biggest difference to their practice!

Bonus 03: Full Access to 'Marketing Clarity for Flourishig Therapists'

A full, stand-alone, online course containing 15 lessons in 3 modules, which sells on its own for £395

Marketing Clarity uses the message and marketing framework introduced in The Emerging Expert Launchpad and dives deeper into the marketing side, enabling you to design your visibility strategy and a client journey that FITS your new mission, offering and the clients you are serving.

Ditch the haphazard, 'hope' based marketing and design something tailored to your practice 

Get crystal clear on how to market your practice without compromising your values

Marketing Clarity is a perfect complement to The Emerging Expert Launchpad and is a framework you can revisit as your practice grows and transitions.

An Online Programme with my Personal Support

So you can get stuck in straight away

  • It’s time to start working only with the clients that fire you up.
  • Time to LOVE your job again
  • How good will it will feel to be seeing fewer clients for more money and be able to go deeper with each client as you give yourself back your life, with more energy feeding your own soul as well as helping others
  • So you can’t wait to start getting your unique offerings out to those who need your help most and those you love to serve and bring the joy back into your business.

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"Working with Cathy can seriously change your life for the better!"

Before I started working with Cathy, I had been in practice for a number of years and had a vision for the direction in which I wanted to go and grow my business. I just didn’t know how exactly to go about it and I thought it would take at least another 5 years before I would even be seen as a high-level pain specialist. Things have progressed far faster than I could ever have imagined. I’m astounded that the therapists and trainers I view as experts in the field are now inviting *me* to talk at their events. My vision is a reality.

It is so valuable to have someone like Cathy who has been there and done it, in terms of what I wanted to achieve. Cathy is super-generous with the level of support she offers and she knows SO much about taking a business to the next level!

I’m sitting here grinning widely at how far I’ve come and how the future is looking even brighter. Thank you, Cathy

Sheren Gaulbert
Chronic Pain Specialist
The Ultimate You

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